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COCOLULU ft Sluty old school spirit

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When anons -ha! Cowardly bitches- (more like pathetic desperate clique freaks that are delusionally powerhungry) message me with creep anonmessages when they damn well have my fb, I help them to a little FuCk Y♡u 2 ur life xoxox p.s. you might wanna fix your make up before you come to me honey ;0

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✨ Kira kira nugguts ASSEMBLE! ✨
- Mini me2 17.8.14

Missing Pin because he was a crumpy old man and didn’t want to have fun with us :(

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surprise sneak peek! new blog post coming up please follow stay tuned click picture for blog

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I’m a little bit obssesed with Dog in the PWO nowadays :3

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steeeeaaaaling Yami’s pictures

this was us at the meet yesterday, I’m third from left. UK gal comm is full of perfect qts.

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Outfit & make for the meet yesterday <3

I actually like this lighter style of eyemake a lot more, picked it up from an Ageha tutorial, but I really like darker/more dramatic makeup… I just kind of suck at it. Guess I need to practise.

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FINALLY have a new video up!

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